A list of things I mildly do not care about.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHDifferent types of cars

Walkers crisps

Other peoples birthdays

Window cleaning

Showering before entering the pool


Spiders (unless they are huge)

BBC three moving online


People with holiday blues

The price of stamps


People that really really fucking love horses

The difference between spray and roll on deodorant

Ya summer in Ibiza

Cling film

How good your Netflix binge was


The GCSE results of people born before 1993

How fucked up your dream was (unless it involved me or sex with someone we both mutually know or me)

That you got super liked on Tinder

Putting out the bins


Alan Titchmarsh

Diet Coke


How many calories are in my pint of wine



Things that are pickled

Skirting boards


Jammy Dodgers

Ice in drinks

Ring bound note books

The texture of mango

Timberland boots

Bargain hunt

Soap vs shower gel

New years eve

Napkin rings




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